Academic Advising & Career Counselling

The purpose of academic advising is to assists students in developing study plans that are in-line with their educational, career and personal goals. Each student @ Al Zaeem is assigned an academic advisor who helps the student discover and investigate various study options and courses. Academic advising aims to provide the following to students:

  • Help students choose courses for current and future semesters
  • Review student’s academic performance
  • Create study plans to resolve academic performance issues
  • Resolve issues faced by students in classroom or the institute
  • Give referrals for internships and industrial visits

Al Zaeem conducts regular career counselling session for its students. These sessions make students aware of the various career choices and options available to students. One-on-one session with Higher education expert is also provided to explore options in higher education in UAE and UK.

Study Skills Training

Students at Al Zaeem are trained in study skills, which include:

  • Notetaking
  • Organising information
  • Retention & Recall of information
  • Assessment strategies
  • Learning styles & application
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
Academic Writing Workshops

Academic writing workshops are conducted at the beginning of every semester. The workshop covers with practical examples various academic writing instruments and their styles, introduction to Blooms Taxonomy, plagiarism awareness and referencing skills. Students will also be given insight into deciphering assignment problems.

Presentation Skills Training

As part of skill building, students at Al Zaeem are coached in presentation skills. The students learn to analyse audience effectively, prepare engaging presentation using various visual aids, handle Q&A, and use body language to increase the impact of the presentation.

Soft Skills Training

Students at Al Zaeem will have interactive sessions on various aspect of soft skills like active listening, written communication, verbal communication, non-verbal communication, leadership strategies, teamwork, problem solving strategies and techniques.