Al Zaeem Siblings

Discount Programme

For the parents, who entrust more than one child of their family to Al Zaeem Institute, are eligible to apply for Al Zaeem Institute family concession. As long as more than one child studies with Al Zaeem Institute, each of the children will receive a 5% concession on the tuition fees. The privilege will be revoked as soon as one child will remain studying at Al Zaeem Institute, even in a situation the other child (children) decide to take a term off. This privilege is for studying any program at Al Zaeem Institute. In any case, the students must meet admission criteria with the Al Zaeem Institute.

Al Zaeem

Alumni Offer Program

Al Zaeem Institute respects the fact that several of its existing students and alumni choose to enroll for additional programs during and post completion of their studies. To honor this commitment to education and loyalty towards Al Zaeem Institute programs, Al Zaeem Institute Management has announced that such students would be automatically eligible for a flat 10% reduction in the new course tuition fees. This is valid for students who are presently studying or have completed studies with Al Zaeem Institute.

Al Zaeem Student

Ambassador Program

Al Zaeem Institute is proud to advise that a vast majority of its students are enrolled by “word of mouth” from existing student. The Al Zaeem Student Ambassador Program is created to benefit the students who from their word of mouth benefit the Centre and allow quality students to be enrolled into its various programs. Students who are active in recommending will constantly benefit. For details on the program and how you can participate, please communicate with the program coordinator or email us on

Al Zaeem

Guest lecturers

In today’s environment, hoarding knowledge ultimately erodes your power. If you know something very important, the way to get power is by actually sharing it. A Lecture is an occasion when you numb one end to benefit the other. Guest Lecture is a way of enriching our students with the latest updates of the Industries and Technicalities. The Students are bestowed with knowledge about Industry needs, latest technical updates, Avenues for Higher studies etc.. Guest lecture’s can be an incredible asset to a course. Guest lecturers bring outside knowledge and expertise into the class, and can expose students to new perspectives and approaches to solving public health challenges. When appropriately timed in the sequence of a course, guest lecturers can provide a time for students to contextualize the knowledge and skills that they have developed.
  • We invite guest speakers to the campus for a variety of reasons.
  • A teacher might invite a successful alumnus to come to the classroom and speak with students about how they broke into their field.
  • Beyond professional practices, we invite a guest speaker to give advice on general planning for the future.
  • Guest lecturers can open up student’s eyes to job prospects they never saw possible before.
  • Sometimes we invite famous guest lecturers. This is a great opportunity for networking opportunities.
  • Encourage them to do research on the guest speaker , his/her organization, and his/her field. Doing background research encourages students to be more engaged in the lecture. Students may discover something about the speaker’s experience, profession, or field that they want to learn more about, making the lecture more relevant to their interests.
  • Collect questions from the students before the lecture starts. This way, students are prompted to explore the lecture topic. If students are reticent to ask their questions during the lecture, you have questions to draw from. Depending on the guest speaker, you could assign the students an article published by the speaker.
  • At Al Zaeem, emphasis is given on not only making our learners academically brilliant, but true leaders and team players, thus preparing them for the real life corporate world. This is done by inviting people from industries and top institutions to provide valuable information to our students. We Invite Eminent personalities form various Industries and Institutions to lend valuable Information from their Experiences to our students.